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Dust Mite Suffers - Suffer No More
We manage the source of the dust mite problem using a state-of-the-art Mattress Cleaning Service. We focus on Mattress Sanitizing where we spend 1/3 of our lives. In addition to Mattress Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning and Furniture Cleaning can be performed with the our uvc light system to sanitize these areas. Also Bio-Enviro All Natural Cleaner will remove stains.

Once the free mattress demonstration determines that there is debris and/or Dust Mite allergens, we begin a three step Mattress Cleaning / Mattress Sanitizing process.

This comprehensive approach includes micro hepa high power vacuuming, treatment with UV-C Germicidal Light waves, and an anti-allergen sanitizing spray that is not harmful to humans or pets.

Currently, we only service the NYC, NY, NJ area.
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After the treatment is complete, a supply of this non-toxic Dust Mite spray is given absolutely FREE to help in the continuing control of dust mite allergens. We can also provide additional suggestions that will improve your IAQ in the home and reduce allergenic symptoms.

Sleep better knowing that your Mattress Cleaning has been sanitized with our system. Don't be a victim of an unsanitary mattress. Take the next step toward Mattress Cleaning for Dust Mite removal and ridding your home of unsanitary conditions.
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