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Dust Mite Suffers - Suffer No More
Some 20 million people in the US are allergic to dust mites. The EPA has launched a national public education and prevention program in response to the asthma epidemic in the U.S.

There are indications that the house dust mite can actually cause asthma to develop in the first place. Avoiding allergen exposure in infancy reduces the development of asthma.

Over 45%, about 44 million homes have bedding with dust mite allergen levels associated with the development of allergies.

House dust mites are considered to be the single greatest cause of indoor allergies. Even if someone doesn't already have any symptoms, reducing exposure to these allergens may reduce the chance of developing allergies and asthma.

Each year more than 50 million Americans suffer from allergic diseases. Dust mites are living in new homes and furniture within a month of their being purchased.

80 percent of people with allergies and asthma test positive for dust mites.
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